Citrica works with clients from many sectors with a particular focus on these markets:

  • Public Realm
  • Health & Social Care
  • Government, Devolved Government & Emergencies Services
  • Lenders & Investors
  • Residential Developers

Our specialist market teams are led by professionals who are experienced in deal-making and in working closely with clients..

Our Public Realm team understands the ‘politics of place’ and how to leverage economic and social outcomes through effective and efficient management of open spaces and the street scene.

Our Health & Social Care team has acquired a deep understanding of healthcare facilities through clinical and operational experience. The team has worked across a wide range of settings from primary care and mental health facilities to delivering new tertiary hospitals. Our team have been involved at every level of project management from drafting strategic outline cases (SOCs) and capacity reviews to completing commissioning of major new hospital complexes totalling more than £15 billion worldwide. The team members have authored more than 50 published papers and conference talks on practical steps in healthcare delivery in 20 countries over three continents demonstrating the link between strategic principles and operational delivery.

We provide real analysis, transforming raw data into benchmarked management information. Members of the team have worked recently with mental health clients, clinical commissioning groups and district and regional hospitals including many of the largest in the UK.

We bring transferable skills from our work with health organisations, bringing quick change to clinical, non-clinical and estates property functions. This supplements the long standing Citrica approach to the local government and social care sectors. Our professionals work around the asset life cycle. This means we start working with clients by looking at how to optimise future needs by consulting with building users. We then agree asset plans with the client based on operational criteria, such as patient pathways or peer reviews. We look for the most appropriate asset solutions and share with our clients the experience we have garnered from high-profile commissions in the UK and internationally..

We underpin our healthcare capabilities where necessary by an independent review of activity modelling and forecasting future requirements of beds, clinic rooms, theatres, treatment rooms right down to reviews of future pathology, pharmacy, and radiology as needed. This means we can then start to match your facility against credible benchmarks and devise the optimum room dependencies and utilisation studies. Our record on accuracy as team members is well known and we have worked for many major hospital groups in the public and private sectors, and for contractors and investors delivering meaningful change right down to new operational policies and through to new ways of working supporting your team into operational delivery.

Clients engage with Citrica to help them enhance their built asset performance and to support the delivery of their strategic objectives. We establish trust through our impartial advice, reliability, integrity and commitment to achieving the highest possible service in all that we do for our clients.

Design quality matters and Citrica is a leader in the provision of Design Quality Indicator (DQI) assessments. Within our Heath & Social Care teams we have particular capability in this area. Around the world there is an increasing expectation that major Heath & Social Care projects will be assessed through review gateways. Within the UK one of the principal reviews methods across social infrastructure is via the Design Quality Accreditation framework. Hence; we have built a strong capability in this area with a significant team of fully accredited DQI facilitators. This means we have been through recognised training courses to ensure projects optimise design quality.

Publicly funded clients are able to engage with us through public sector frameworks. As a leading built asset and facilities management business Citrica is uniquely placed to help public sector delivery because we work in partnership with clients who seek exceptional outcomes through the application of professional services and outsourcing solutions. We are different because we have amassed a unique combination of capabilities and sector experts, led by thought leaders who enjoy helping clients achieve exceptional outcomes. Everything we do is designed to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our work is centered on maximising the impact of public realm, transforming the quality of services and enhancing organisational performance through workplace environments. Citrica works with clients as a consultant to help them solve complex problems, develop strategy, build capability, enhance their performance and increase the impact of their operations.

Clients engage with Citrica to help them enhance their organisation’s performance and to help them deliver their strategic objectives. We establish a relationship of trust through our impartial advice, reliability, integrity and commitment to achieving the highest possible outcome in all that we do for our clients.

Citrica aims to exceed our clients’ expectations by:

  • establishing strong empathy with our clients and understanding their strategic needs
  • tirelessly initiating new ways of working and of achieving continuous improvement
  • delivering technical excellence and consistent services in everything we do
  • being focused on outcomes and delivering maximum added value
  • freely transferring knowledge to build capability within our clients’ organisations
  • working collaboratively with clients, suppliers and partner organisations
  • deploying performance-enhancing enabling technology
  • investing in the development of our people

We help our clients achieve better organisational performance by enhancing value, greater service impact, lower capital and operating costs, and improved operational efficiency. Our clients value our ability to combine agility, market foresight, service expertise, professional excellence with enabling technology in order to help them achieve the best possible outcomes.