Facilities Management

Citrica manages and delivers high-end residential and premium workplace environments as advisor, manager and prime contractor. We are different because our capabilities span the whole cycle of the built asset life from planning, creation, through to operation with a focus on enhancing outcomes through exceptional performance.

We see built assets as an enabler to performance where the facilities management strategy evolves from the desired organisational outcomes and provide agility through the solutions we design and implement. From excellent cleaning services, to highly technical specialist consultancy, such as energy management and compliance assurance, we have the capability to deliver a truly integrated facilities management solution.

Citrica understands how to add competitive edge through workplace operations and designs management information systems to deliver the outcomes our clients’ desire. We use innovative, yet robust, enabling technology platforms with the aim of improving workflow management, performance analysis and providing useful information.

We bring the same approach to our work within the public realm and estate management, and with high-end residential environments where we are a leading facilities provider.

We leverage our knowledge of the facilities management market to inform our commercial procurement capability help our clients obtain best value from their buying decisions and the money they spend of operating built assets and the public realm. Our capability includes the ability to create service level agreements, audit service quality, develop performance metrics and asset registers.

Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) systems are well understood and operating in most complex buildings, but knowledge of Building Information Modelling (BIM) as a built asset management tool is still maturing, despite its widespread adoption in the design and construction of buildings.

Citrica has the capability to help clients select the right CAFM / BIM platforms for their needs. We don’t see BIM as an application in the way CAFM is, we see it as a process, a methodology, where interoperability is key. We have the capability to help our clients develop BIM strategies across their built asset portfolios, to select the most appropriate structures and data communication plans, and to manage the collaboration between the design, construction, fit out, maintenance and property management team members.