Built Asset Management

Citrica works with built asset owners and occupiers to ensure their investment in real estate achieves the best possible outcome for their objectives, whether this be for financial return, supporting organisational performance or enhancing the quality of life, society and the environment.

Our combination of leading technical experts and our approach to working with clients differentiates Citrica’s built asset management capability as being uniquely placed to provide independent solutions. Citrica’s wide sector experience and knowledge of different real estate types further enhances our built asset management capability, empowering clients to make the right choices for their organisation. Citrica’s independence from property brokerage, valuation services and real estate investment funds reassures clients that our built asset management and strategies are impartial.

Asset Management

We work with clients to develop workplace strategies that enhance organisational performance by leveraging the enterprise environment as an enabler to performance management and strategy implementation. Our approach to built asset management recognises business drivers are influenced by the workplace and that the strategic, operational and tactical solutions adopted impact on the triple bottom line (social, environmental and financial) performance.

Our approach recognises the three principal enablers to organisational performance:

  • Leadership and governance
  • Enabling technology
  • Enterprise environment (workplace)

Citrica’s capabilities include experts that understand the social-economic, regulatory and political environments that are outside the direct control of the client. We understand the organisational drivers influencing our workplace strategies:

  • Culture (behaviours, interaction, innovation drivers, agility)
  • Strategy (market and customer approach, product / service development, M&A, globalisation)
  • Process (how the organisation operates)
  • Structure (how the enterprise organises itself to deliver to customers and manage its processes)
  • People (human resource plan, L&D, retention / attraction of skills)